The Third Way Can Be Your Way

I'm working on adding more resources to this page, including a reading guide for groups. For now, you can download the Third Way manifesto, get a free audio version of one of my previous books, and check out a few helpful guides for setting up a website and email list.

Start Here

Use this guide for a group reading of The Money Tree.

Tools & Resources

Need a website for your project and don't know where to start? This quick guide will help you get set up in 90 minutes (or maybe even less).

Best for: anyone who needs to launch a website yesterday. This is the quickest way!

You'll need somewhere to host your new site! This is the reliable company that handles many of my websites. They keep their promises and offer support 24 hours a day. Don't overpay: get your own hosting plan for less than $5 a month.

Best for: anyone who needs a website (chances are, you probably will at some point)

Social media is nice, but building an email list is still the single best way to get customers and clients for your hustle. It's not hard to get started—sign up for a free 30-day trial!

Best for: anyone who wants to build an audience

Born for This, is all about how to find the work you were meant to do. If you’ve never had an account before, you can get it free by signing up for a trial. Naturally, they hope you’ll stick around, but that’s up to you.

Best for: anyone who likes books but doesn't always have time to sit down and read