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In these challenging times, with so many people out of work or facing an uncertain future, financial security is more important than ever.

THE MONEY TREE by Chris Guillebeau tells a story of using simple principles to create a new source of income in a short period of time. By using your existing skills and spending as little startup capital as possible, you can learn to dig your way to the fortune in your own backyard.

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"Mr. Guillebeau’s objective is to give you more choices in the way you decide how you will make the money that will allow you to survive. The way he chose to deliver his message is unconventional. But these are unconventional times."

Paul B. Brown, The New York Times

From the bestselling author of The $100 Startup and Side Hustle comes an engaging story about the power you have to create your own financial destiny.

The Money Tree uses a compelling story with captivating characters to share its core insight: if you’re struggling with debt or lost income, there’s a way out—without giving up your lattes.

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"A powerful and uplifting story about how a little hustle can go a long way."

Daymond John, Shark Tank star and author of Rise and Grind

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Millions of people are facing financial pressure that won’t be relieved by a one-time check from the government.

Now more than ever, everyone needs to create their own security by earning income apart from their day job.

It’s not getting any easier out there—but you can help by gifting them a resource that shows them a path to earning money on their own.

The message of The Money Tree is simple: good jobs aren’t enough these days. But you also don’t have to take on additional debt or risk your future on an unproven business idea.

The Book Registry provides a way to connect people across generations and address the economic crisis of COVID-19 on an individual level. Together, we can come out of this challenging time better than we were before.

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"Ever wondered why some people seem stuck, stalled, or unable to launch—while others have identified the unique gift they can share with the world? This book holds the answer."

Marie Forleo, author of Everything is Figureoutable

Jake Aarons is in trouble. He's being evicted from his apartment in less than 30 days, the bill for his $50,000 in overdue student loans is almost due, and the digital marketing agency he works at just implemented a new military-style grading system that might cost him his job. To top it off, Jake's new relationship with Maya was going so well... but with everything else falling down around him, he might lose her, too.

In search of answers, Jake reluctantly attends a weekly group meeting at the invitation of a coworker. Everyone in the group is trying to create a lucrative side hustle with one key requirement: they can only spend up to $500 before earning a profit. Over the course of several weeks, Jake undertakes a series of challenges, first learning how to make $1,000 in a single weekend, and ultimately how to discover the untapped skills he needs to take control of his finances—and his life.